A Short Story: A Story Of A Story

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When I woke up it was 2:30 pm. Rush hour would start in about half an hour so I will have to be quick. I quickly change to get rid of my now pyjamas and head straight out of the door. Again. I take a taxi, not wanting to bother the hotel people by making them order me a car. Partially because it would take hours for it to come, but let 's pretend that was the real reason. I would have to get one though if I was planning on staying here all these days. I tell the driver to take me to the best shopping centre in town and so he does, at least I think. He brings me to The Grove. I thankì him, pay him and go out. Luckily for me there are almost no people inside. I visit a few stores, getting some pieces of clothing here and there and at about 5, I decide to take a break. I sit in a café and, not feeling like I wanted a cuppa, I just go for an espresso. While I 'm waiting for my order, I go through the stuff I just bought. There are a lot of shirts, none of them being white but I did buy a few black jeans. They were different shades of black, it 's different, ok?! The lady that took my order brings it to me and I thank her with a smile. She didn 't seem to notice who I was, or she did but she wasn 't a fan, or she was so used to seeing celebrities she didn 't even bother to freak out. I don 't blame her, I wouldn 't either. As I start drinking my espresso I notice something. Or better yet someone. Coming my way, there was a group of girls, three of them, carrying shopping bags

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