A Short Story: A Story Of A Story

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A beautiful, white-skinned baby with her golden hair brushed across her face leaned in for a kiss with a delicate, button-nosed baby boy. It was a beautiful day on the coast of California in a small village called Central City, where the two babies were born. From the moment they met, they were destined to be together. Suddenly, a dark shadow fell over them as if a thunderstorm was going to hit. They looked up and a tall man wearing a cloak, with the hood covering his face was standing over them. Out of nowhere he dragged the pale boy away to a boat. The baby girl had gotten her first word a couple weeks before which was Jake. As the creepy looking man dragged Jake away, she yelled his name over and over. She couldn’t run fast enough to catch him. She cried as she watched the love of her life get onto a small sailboat. It took off right away and she had no idea where it was going. She didn’t know a lot as a baby, but she knew enough to know it was the worst feeling ever. No one was around to witness what had just happened and it would change their life forever. It was a bright and sunny Summer day in Central City when a beautiful, pale skinned women with golden hair walked about the streets. “Hey Elizabeth!” Called her best friend Mia as they headed to their jobs as lawyers. “Hey Mia. I’m so stressed. I have this case that I’ve been working on and the opposing lawyers are the best in town.” “Honey, if I know anything, it’s that your are the best lawyers in town. I know you

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