A Short Story: A Story Of A Fairy Tale

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Have you ever read a fairy tale? Well I 'm not much of a fairy but I 'll tell you my tale. That 's right, cheesy lines and phrases have always been my thing probably because of their unexpected turns and meanings which I can relate to. To be blunt for a change, something that I never am. My tale has to do with addiction, divorce, pain, love, and so much more, but let 's start off from the beginning. The ideal perfect couple was bonded together by the use of drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine as well as many others. My mom had me at 17 and my dad was 32. I was born on January 5th, 2000. My mom like the name Alexis for me, but of course, she needed me to be special, and so I was named after a car, Lexus. I am the oldest of 4, although sometimes I felt as though I was the oldest of 6 (my parents included). Have you ever heard of the frog who was stuck in a boiling pot until he 's cooked alive? Yea, I 'm nothing like that frog. I saw a boiling pot, and instead I wanted to jump in. Too direct? I’m sorry, but it 's true. If you haven 't gotten the message by now, I had a decision to make. To decide whether life was worth living or maybe it was just time to cut it short. Though, it seemed everything and everyone, around me, was making that choice for me. The earliest of my memories go something like this: We lived in a 3 bedroom house, in North Hollywood, seems big, but honestly it never felt smaller. We were a nice ordinary family whenever we went out, but that
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