A Short Story: A Story Of The Story

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" I 'm going to miss you Sky" My best friend kora cried out said " I 'm going to miss you too Kora don 't cry you will always be my best friend ok? I 'll come visit " I said while hugging her . I couldn 't believe i was leaving my bestfriend but Daddy got a new job meaning We had moved way across town, meaning I" Promise?" " Promise ." " Okay Skylar that was the last box time to head out" mama said I sigh " Ok mama ." I said sighing " Well I guess this is goodbye ‘I said to Kora " No this is see you later " she said hugging me " Best friends Forever " " Best friends " She replied " Come on Sky !" mama yelled " Coming mom" i yelled back Kora walk me to the car saying our final goodbye Bye daddy pulled off and i look at the window waving at kora until i couldnt see her anymore . Kora has been my bestfriend since third grade we met on the playground when she saw me sitting by myself we have been friends since . I was sad that i was leaving her but mama said i will meet new friends but no one could ever replace Kora. All these thoughts raced trhough my head I wonder what my new middle school is going to be like will the kids be nice be nice to me? Will my new fifth grade teacher be boring and grumpy like Ms.Green? Will the food be yucky? I sigh this is going to be a long car ride. Monday morning came I wasn 't as sad anymore Maybe mama was right a change wont be so bad Boy was I wrong , " Skylar! Get up You don 't want to be late ."She yelled "

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