Alice In Wonderland: A Short Story

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Alice walks through the hallway her long blonde hair flowing in the wind, the sun blaring on her baby blue eyes. She walks around only to spot a rabbit with a gold pocket watch. She becomes curious and she chases the rabbit in her long white dress and her tall high heels. As she chases the rabbit she hears the rabbit mumble something “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date” the rabbit says as he jumps into his rabbit hole. As Alice see’s the rabbit jump into his whole she tries to stop but her heel breaks. As her heel breaks she falls into the hole with the rabbit Alice falls and falls. Alice see’s a whirlpool of colors she screams as she enters the whirlpool. She continues to scream as she hits the streets of Time Square. The people…show more content…
“Run Hatter to your house” Alice yells. As Alice and Hatter run from the Red Queen into his apartment and shut the door fast. They sit in front of the door as Hatter gets up worried about what to do. Alice stays sitting on the floor staring at her heel that came through the portal with her. “Alice what the heck do we do” Hatter says scared. Alice stays quiet still sitting in front of the door still staring at her heel. “Alice let me see that” Hatter says taking the heel from Alice, he looks his eyes light up “what does this mean Alice” Hatter ask? Hatter reads it again out loud “In the big lady on the island alone, the book is death and the torch is home” Hatter reads. The Red Queen mistakenly hears outside the door and says to her minions “The torch is death the book is home.” Hatter hears her say it and realizes this is there big chance so he grabs a rope and tells Alice. “Come on we are going to meet the Red Queen in the book of the Statue of Liberty.” Alice and Hatter get to the book of the Statue of Liberty. “Ok Red Queen you win take me home” Alice says. “Good Alice I’m glad you made the right decision you jump and I will jump in right after you” the Red Queen
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