A Short Story Devi's Marriage

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Devi belongs to a traditional Hindu Brahmin family that believes that marriage is the ultimate goal of a woman’s life. Devi exhibits enough control compromising with her individuality agreeing for an arranged marriage. The narrative also takes us to, Devi’s childhood, Devi’s grandmother’s house where the seeds of such a conflict were sown. It was here that Devi learns the rules of being a good girl. She does not pursue a career after her graduation from USA. In US, she is with Dan but Dan’s culture was totally different from Devi’s and she felt like a stranger, different and unfit for Dan. She hears her ‘culture calling’. She leaves her past life in U.S and comes back to India to marry. Devi is tamed by ‘memories’ of all the stories told by Grandma. A victim of her own imagination of herself as a ‘Devi’, she is trapped easily into a traditional marriage forgetting her past. The second part explores Devi’s life after an arranged marriage. Mahesh, Devi’s husband takes her for granted. Devi is unable to adjust in the new atmosphere. She is unhappy, dissatisfied and lonely. Devi says, “This then is marriage, the end of ends; two or three brief encounters a month when bodies stutter together in lazy, inarticulate lust. Two weeks a month when the shadowy stranger who casually strips me of my name, snaps his fingers and demands a smiling handmaiden. And the rest? It is waiting, all over again, for life to begin, or to end and begin again. My education has left me unprepared for
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