A Short Story: Divorced, Beheaded Survived

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Divorced, Beheaded, Survived

We can’t run from the death. Death is a natural thing in life and so is the dole that follows. Moreover, death is inescapable it is a thing that we must accept will happen to us and our nearest. Kids that experience death in an early age will find it difficult to understand. They will find it hard to understand and if they are too much involved it will create unrest, fearfulness and concerns. Therefore, death can and will show many different sides and reactions from people. In the short story:” Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” we meet a girl whom saw her big brother die in a young age. Yet, she is trapped in a conflict between the past and the present.

Our narrator in this short story is a grown woman and her name is Sarah. She is married with Lyle and they have two kids together. Mark at 16 and Coco at 12. Sarah tells us readers the tragic story from her childhood where her big brother, Terry, got very sick and died. At that time is Sarah and her childhood friends very tied up with a game. It is all about to restate Anne Boleyn’s decapitation. The kids are very pleased with the game and they all try to do their best while they perform. The role as Anne is the most wanted and everybody wants to play as her. Sarah and all the other kids are all in some kind of way fascinated by death. The death scene in their plays has an exceptional suspense itself. “The beheading was just too good not to fight for”.
Sarah and the other kids all want to
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