Personal Narrative: My Little Tikes

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I paced my brother, as he drove his big-boy batman trike. I was riding my Little Tikes trike, one that was not in any fashion intended to keep up with my brother’s brisk, delicate maneuvers; nonetheless, I continued driving right behind him.
We were driving around an island that spanned across the enormous parking lot. The island had trees and bushes all throughout, and the parking lot could seat hundreds of cars with ease. One side of the parking lot was downhill at a thirty to forty degree angle. We were flying around the corner, approaching the downhill portion of the voyage. My brother began accelerating down the hill, as I followed behind studying his finesse. When he reached the end of the hill, he correcting his trike’s trajectory, as to avoid the parked cars. I began down the hill. At the mid-point of the hill I started to lose control, I was going too fast and needed to slow down. I attempted to
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After he battered the door, my cousin opened up and yelled for my mom in horror. My mother wasted no time, and promptly called for an ambulance.
“Sweetie, can you hear me?” the nurse asked. I could tell she was shocked, but didn’t know why. “Can you see me?” she asked. She had a weird tint of red to her, and my face hurt. It felt like I got pelted in the right side of my face with a snowball in the blistering cold, except it had been thrown by a Major League Baseball player. “Sweet heart, can you tell me what happened?” the nurse asked, as she glared at my mom and dad. I stumbled mentally trying to recount what had occurred earlier, and why I was here.
“I was riding my trike, and I crashed into the back of a truck.” I muttered, hoping my words came out as I planned them to. She looked back at my parents again. I was carted away from my mom and dad by a man in a lab coat, I would have pitched a fit, but I was too jumbled up to understand what was going
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