A Short Story Essay: 108 Degree Feirinheit Day In Southern Arizona

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It was a sunny scorching 108 degree feirinheit day in southern Arizona and retired investigator Michael was on his way back to Dallas from his trip to San Francisco in his red Wrangler Jeep. Suddenly he sees small hints of red and orange moving which alerted him imidieditely that it was fire so without even thinking he changed course so that he was headed that direction to try to help anyone there or animals from burning. As he was entering the place that was near to the fire he noticed that the road changed from being paved to being dirt so this meant the fire was in a ranch or field. When he got to the place a lifted blue ford 4x4 passed him going about 60 mph which looked suspicious so he turned around skidding the back wheels a bit and started chasing this person to see if they were guilty of anything but when the truck saw he was coming went even faster and at the next turn Michael didn’t know where to go. He didn’t even know who was driving the truck.…show more content…
Michael rushed out of the car to try to help the man which once he guided him out turned out to be only 14. Michael let him borrow one of his oxygen tanks from when he was scuba diving in San Francisco and told him to breath in it to help him. He then asked him if he was out of his mind why he was in the middle of the fire. He then said “To save this little guy.” And then pulled out a little rabbit he had in his jacket. After talking to him he found out that his name is Bobby and that he was adopted and then asked if he wanted him to take him to his house and he said yes. On the way back out he saw a place that was burning but there wasn’t any wood or grass on the floor to burn which meant there was gasoline or lighter fluid on the floor which meant that that gut in the pick up truck was

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