A Short Story Essay: The Story Of My Heart

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This story is about a boy who lost his whole family because this disease.so lets get on with the story my father came back from his 1 muoth jurany hes condacion was like he was about to die and when he want to the the docther they said he” is going to die because he was dieagnose with plague” so he “only had two days of his life” and a day past and then the boys mom went out to get wter but she nver came back so the boy went out to look for his mom and tould his sister to wait he want to find his mom and then he went past a stack of pepail that where dead.

And then there was this a lady the boy 's mother but he doesn 't know that so he walks by the lady and looks at her and then out of nowhere she holds his leg and says that “give me water please” she didn 't see who it was and this one man comes up and says” she just kidding” and then she looks up and says “son” and then the boy looks up surprised. And then he 's like” mom is that you” and he goes by her and gives her water And then she says that” i can 't live any longer” and just close her eyes and dies and now all he had as his family is his sister and then he goes back and see that his sister with egg sized swelling on her back and then tells that mom is no more and then decides to kill his own sister because he doesn 't want to get infected.

And then a few minutes later he pulls out something sharp and from the back he sneaks up and kills her And wears protective clothes because he is the only
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