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Giggly is a very happy clown, who loves to be at carnivals and to work with children. Giggly has been a clown for 37 years and she loves her job. Giggly was very excited for today because she was working at the local carnival in Neenah. Giggly put on her bright blue pants, then she put on her white button up shirt with frillies, she then painted on her clown makeup. Next came her bright red nose, and lastly she laced up her bright red shoes.
Giggly went around her house and gathered her nine other siblings, (who were also clowns but they were all going to a children's party today,) and her parents who were also going to the carnival to eat some cotton candy.
The once good day started to become very bad, very quick. It all started with a loud pop, and a car
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Giggly set up another booth at the carnival but no kids had stopped over by her. Confused that no one wanted a balloon animal, Giggly walked around to see where all the children were. Finally she found a huge group of kids gathered around something. Giggly saw a flash of red and knew immediately what all the children were gathered around, her favorite clown Red.
Giggly was starting to get very mad at this clown so she decided to give him a piece of her mind. She stormed up to the middle of the thick circle and stopped right in front of Red. “I’m going to have to have to ask you to go find a new carnival booth because this one is mine,” Giggly stated with authority. Red just smiled and turned around, his back facing Giggly. Now Giggly was very mad.
“That was not a question new clown,” Giggly said.
Finally Red turned around and said, “ I’m teaching these children how to make balloon animals, and I’ve heard from a few of them that you aren't the best teacher.
Instead of responding Giggly smiled and said, “ I’m painting faces for
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