King Tut: A Narrative Essay

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There once was a young boy who lived in the desert in Egypt who went by the name of Henry. He lived with his mom and dad as an only child. Henry’s family lived in a small village with not very many buildings, including a school. Henry didn’t go to school, so he studied the books that his parents got him as a kid. Henry became fascinated in pyramids, especially King Tuts. Henry had the urge to visit King Tut for years, but his parents never understood why. They think Henry’s dream is pointless and should have given up on it already, but Henry never did. With the years of anticipation to visit King Tut, he finally left his home and started out to King Tut’s pyramid on foot. He tiptoed out of his house with a slight creak from the floorboards,…show more content…
Do your parents know that you are with me?” The king questioned the boys. “I ran away. My parents thought that coming to see you was pointless so I left. And Rosco unintentionally got lost when he chased a rattlesnake,” Henry explained wide-eyed. “I see, well you two are some brave kids. Like warriors. And warriors deserve to be treated so, are you two willing to stay at my pyramid for a few days?” King Tut asked with a grin. Henry’s jaw dropped with a gasp and Rosco fell to his knees. Henry looked at Rosco and got on his knees as well. They bowed in harmony and accepted the King’s offer. King Tut told his guards and servants that the boys should and will be treated with loving care and respect. The boys lived in luxury for a few days until King Tut told them the news. They had to leave because they needed to go back home and see their parents. Beforehand, King Tut has gotten ahold of their parents to let them know that they would be coming home soon, and today was the day. The guards were carrying parts to saddle up the camels. Henry and Rosco both hopped aboard each of their camels and looked at each other. They both had unhappy looks on their faces. Rosco reached out a hand and Henry shook
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