A Short Story: King Tut's Pyramids

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There once was a young boy who lived in the desert in Egypt who went by the name of Henry. He lived with his mom and dad as an only child. Henry’s family lived in a small village with not very many buildings, including a school. Henry didn’t go to school, so he studied the books that his parents got him as a kid. Henry became fascinated in pyramids, especially King Tuts. Henry had the urge to visit King Tut for years, but his parents never understood why. They think Henry’s dream is pointless and should have given up on it already, but Henry never did. With the years of anticipation to visit King Tut, he finally left his home and started out to King Tut’s pyramid on foot. He tiptoed out of his house with a slight creak from the floorboards, but the sound wasn’t loud enough to wake his sleeping parents. From this point on, it was just Henry versus the dangers of the desert. The hours of walking through the blazing desert grew longer. Henry’s legs felt like weights dragging him down into the Earth. Henry’s parents were still clueless. In the distance, Henry sees what looks like a lost man. As Henry grew closer he came to a realization that this “lost man” was a lost boy. “Hello,” Henry said to the boy. The boy looked up in fright at first, but his jaw dropped look gradually turned into a smile. “Hey,” the boy said happily. “My name is Rosco, how about you?” asked Rosco. “My name is Henry, are you lost?” Henry questioned. “Unintentionally ran away. I started chasing a

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