Virtual Strangers: A Narrative Fiction

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Living in a house with virtual strangers complicated adapting to camp life again.
Pleased to have his children home Jim and Paul spent the evenings catching up on the younger two members of the family's activities the last few years. “Mandy darling, you sure have grown up into the spitting image of your dear mamma.” Jim said as he brushed the tear from his face.
Although he didn't appear angry at Amanda for going away and taking Toby, she sensed that it had wounded him more than she conceived it would.
Going to her father, she wrapped her arms around his stooped frame, acknowledging to herself his aging body. “Daddy, I'm sorry for leaving and not telling you, I just couldn't stay.”
“I'm sorry too child, for appearing so inconsiderate to you
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Hopefully, he would be able to catch up with his class age, because Amanda and Maggie, had insisted he spent time with the three Rs before bedtime each night. Amanda also expanded her reading and vocabulary, during this time. In light of the fact that Toby hadn't been exposed to a father figure in a few years, he craved his father and brothers attention, which was received gladly. All things considered, despite Florence's unbearable attitude, Toby appeared happy in his new home.
Amanda found a part time job caring for a house and keeping a young woman company through the day while the expected mother waited for the birth of her first child. The job was perfect for her and gave her a sense of not being dependent on her
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The girls showed Amanda around and invited her to a party at their house.
Returning home after dancing most of the evening, Amanda wanted nothing more than to fall into bed. The only light came from the moon shining through window on the opposite side of the house, giving evidence that the family had retired for the night.
Quietly closing the door she stopped abruptly as she became aware of a man of about twenty calmly sitting beside the coal stove. Taking in his appearance, she wondered about his identity and why he calmly sit in the semidarkness of her father’s house? Possibly because he appeared at home, Amanda wasn't afraid. Collecting her manners she greeted him with a “Hide-do!”
This man, a complete stranger, replied, “Where have you been?” His handsome blue eyes gazing at her intently.
“Who had promoted him her father?” She thought. "What business was it of his where she had been? I don't even know him" Although Maggie had gently guided Amanda over the last years she considered herself a grown woman. “I’ve been to a party!” She stoutly replied. Flippantly tossing her long black hair behind her back she went quickly to her
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