A Short Story: Liza's Breakout

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Chris sits on top of the roof, video taping and narrating what has been happening in the neighborhood the past 9 days since the military took over. A fence has been put around the neighborhood and a curfew has been enforced. Everything outside of that area is determined to be a "dead zone" everyone is either dead or infected. Chris is startled when he discovers a light coming from a house up on a hill in the distance. Chris tries to show Travis his footage of the flashing light but he dismisses it. Saying that it 's impossible that anything living is out there. Nick is relaxing in the pool when Madison comes out to give him a pill that he had left on the table. He tells her he is feeling better and doesn 't need it anymore. (I knew…show more content…
Travis confronts Officer Moyers on Doug 's disappearance and he claims that they found him and that they can 't have "head cases" like that around this area. Very suspicious... Travis then informs him of the flashing light in one of the houses on the hill. Moyers tells him it 's impossible because they went from house to house and didn 't find anything. Liza heads over to Hectors house to check up on him and finds that he is gone. Cynthia (Hector 's wife) informs her that he was transferred to a different medical unit where he will get more care. But she is incredibly grateful for what Liza has done. Liza is then introduced to Dr. Exner, who is helping the government take care of the sick. She reveals to Liza that she knows that she isn 't a real nurse, but wants her to continue helping. Madison sneaks outside of the safe zone to see if there are any living out there. She finds the streets covered in bodies, some infected, and some who were not infected but where still shot and killed. She hears soldiers coming down the road and hides underneath a vehicle. Dr. Exner examines Griselda and confirms that she will need surgery and that she will be transferred. She also examines Nick, who insists he 's clean but she has her doubts when she finds his heart

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