Armed And Vascular Figures-Personal Narrative

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A loud scream followed by a gunshot woke me up from my sleep. I was terrified but I decided to go and figure out what was happening. I walked out of my room slowly until I reached the stairs' railings. My eyes widened in fear at what I saw, there were four masked and armed men surrounding something that I could barely identify because they were hiding it by their tall and muscular figures.

One of them moved and I gasped and clasped my hand over my mouth once I saw what they were hiding, a lifeless woman covered in blood was lying in my father's arms, that woman was my mother. My father who was kneeling on the ground with my mother in his hands noticed me, he looked at me for a couple of seconds before mouthing 'RUN' to me.

Tears were dripping from eyes making it blurry to see and my whole body was shaking that I couldn't move an inch but despite all of that, I managed to stay silent all that time and they didn't notice that I was there. I watched in fear as one of the men came closer to my dad and put a gun on his forehead. He had a very strange tattoo on the hand that was holding the gun. He told my dad something that I couldn't recognize, my dad focused his eyes on me for a couple of seconds before answering him. The man groaned loudly before firing the gun, my dad collapsed on the floor with a bullet in his head.

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"I don't know who you think you are and I don't even care but you don't get to talk to me this way or underestimate me or my abilities when you know nothing about me." I barked. "And for your information, I was the top of my class at the FBI academy in Quantico and I'm the one who chose this place when I had the opportunity to go to DC, and Wyatt was a friend of my father who I haven't seen in more than ten years. Oh, and I don't need your stupid protection because I'm very capable of protecting my own

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