A Short Story Of Aemenius

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On a Monday morning as Aemilianus Priyanka was walking home his mom Tamrat Priyanka called him and asked why he is failing his classes and slapped his teacher Mr. Naomhán Afon František Comgal Ó Cochláin. This lead to his mom demanding him to go to his room and think of what he has done. Aemilianus refused and this made his mom turn into the devil. Aemilianus said to his mom “ I never follow the rules in school so why is this a surprise to you” Tamrat Said “ Don 't make me smack you upside the head little boy.” Later on that day Tamrat goes upstairs to check on Aemilius and apologies for how she acted and she saw the window open with a rope made of bed sheets hanging out of there which meant that Aemilianus left and went somewhere the mom said “ I 'll skin that boy alive next time I see him.” As Tamrat was walking downstairs she heard a loud BOOM and she saw Aemilianus on the floor unconscious. She grabbed him and threw with all her might on the floor and grabbed a bucket of water and poured it all over Aemilianus which lead to him waking up and drenched from all that water. Tamrat was so angry she said “ I dare you run again and see what happens little boy”. Tamrat left him off easy today because she thought she was too harsh but she still grounded him from his tv, phone, and playstation. So it 's a couple weeks later and Aemilianus went to hang out with his friends, so they went to eat at mcdonalds and then go under the bridge after that. But Aemilianus didn 't know was

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