Dialogue Essay: The Legend Of Goku's Monkey

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There was a young ape named Goku who wanted to become a potato player (the all-star basketball players of the jungle ). He would go to practice everyday to work on his game everyday, shooting 3’s, free throws, working on his jump shot, and dribbling. While Goku was walking back from practice he met this evil monkey. “Hello,” the monkey said creepily as he jumped from tree to tree. Goku ignored him the first time and he kept walking and started to dribble his basketball while he was walking.Then the monkey talked again as he kept swinging from green leafy tree to tree.“Hi there”. Goku finally said “What, what in the woods do you want.” “Do you play basketball” the monkey creepily exclaimed. “Yes dude, I know you can see this round,…show more content…
“Ok and I don’t get what you’re trying to say, that you’re a stalker. “No, I’m trying to say I watched you and you stunk.” “ Ok… I’m just gonna disregard the fact that you we’re watching me practice.” Goku said as he walked away.
Even though Goku was trying to play it off he was actually really hurt by the fact that the monkey said that he was bad. Everytime he has come from practice all of the animals in the jungle have said how good he was and how they looked up to him, but this really just shocked him and amazed him. As goku was walking back he was just thinking to himself if he was really actually good or not. As he got home Goku decided to talk to his mom Kendall. He sat down at the table, where she was eating and he asked her a question.
“Mom can I ask you a question?” Goku said to his mom.
“Sure honey what is it that you have to ask me?” Kendall exclaimed.
“Well mom, uhh I was walking back from practice and this monkey was following me creepily from tree and he kept saying hello in a weird voice and then I finally answered him and I said what and he said that he watched me play and that I stunk.” Goku said.
“Are you alright, did he hurt you in anyway?”Kendall
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Ever since Goku met the monkey he has been averaging 32.2 points per game. Once the season was over Goku and his team the celtics won the championship and Goku was invited to play in the potato cup. The potato cup is a tournament held in the irland jungle with an elite group of basketball players that play people from other countries. Goku’s team beat the first team by 50 and Goku had 23 points 10 assist and 20 rebounds. In the second game it was a little closer but still a blowout the score was 120 to 95 and Goku’s team won. In that game Goku had 35 points 8 assist and 15 rebounds while everyone just looked in amazement. In the semifinals of the tournament Goku’s team was up by 20 at the half but then one of the guys on his team got injured and was ruled out for the whole tournament with and ankle injury. Goku had to single handedly keep the team alive and preserve the lead. That game Goku ended up having a career high of 52 points 12 assists and 23 rebounds. Honestly nobody could believe what they had just witnessed, that was one of the greatest games in the potato cup that anyone has ever seen and that was buy a guy that was told that he was really bad and was never going to be good. Since Goku’s team won they got a chance to go to the finals of the tournament cup and in the finals they were going to
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