A Short Story Of Jaejoong's Story

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"DADDY STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MOMMY!" Jaejoong opened his eyes, and saw Jiyool walking towards them. Jaejoong heart feel like it’s going to explode. He didn 't know if he wanted to stand there and cry or fight back with all his might. A quick glance at Jiyool answered his question - pretend, just pretend Jaejoong. "Jiyool? What are you talking about?" Yunho asked. He’s confused why his daughter calling Jaejoong Mommy? Suddenly Yunho remembered something that made his eyes grew wider. No, Yunho shook his head, Jiyool was a baby during that time, it’s impossible. "Daddy! Let go of Mommy! Why are you hurting him? You want him to fly and leave us again?" Jiyool started to cry, pulling Jaejoong away from Yunho. Jaejoong started to panic. "Jiyool, ahhm don’t cry, your Daddy ahhm… yes, your Daddy and I are just playing" Jaejoong stuttered as he answered Jiyool Jiyool shook her head "Let’s go Mommy, Look you have wounds again" Jiyool looked up to him and Jaejoong saw her puffy eyes and red nose due to heavy crying. Jaejoong felt Yunho’s grip tightened and he winced in pain "Jiyool, just go to your room" Yunho sighed "No Daddy, let go of Mommy! Now!" Jiyool hugged Jaejoong waist and sob harder. Her shoulder shook as she cried harder. Jaejoong was surprised when Yunho removed his hands around him and took Jiyool away from his waist "Psst baby stop crying ok! Hush now, Daddy will not hurt Mommy, stop crying now" Jaejoong was surprised, this is the first time

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