Mommy: A Short Story

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"DADDY STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MOMMY!" Jaejoong opened his eyes, and saw Jiyool walking towards them. Jaejoong heart feel like it’s going to explode. He didn 't know if he wanted to stand there and cry or fight back with all his might. A quick glance at Jiyool answered his question - pretend, just pretend Jaejoong. "Jiyool? What are you talking about?" Yunho asked. He’s confused why his daughter calling Jaejoong Mommy? Suddenly Yunho remembered something that made his eyes grew wider. No, Yunho shook his head, Jiyool was a baby during that time, it’s impossible. "Daddy! Let go of Mommy! Why are you hurting him? You want him to fly and leave us again?" Jiyool started to cry, pulling Jaejoong away from Yunho. Jaejoong started to panic. "Jiyool, ahhm don’t cry, your Daddy ahhm… yes, your Daddy and I are just playing" Jaejoong stuttered as he answered Jiyool Jiyool shook…show more content…
"Morning" he said, trying to sound nonchalant and to prolong the inevitable moment. He turn to his side to face Changmin and he nods his head "Morning" was Changmin reply. When he turn to Yoochun, "Oh, Yunho hyung, you’re late today" Yoochun chukled as he nods his head to Jaejoong. Jaejoong heart thudded and his fingers almost let the cup slip when he heard his name and Yunho walk in the kitchen. Jaejoong heard the fridge open and shut. He felt Yunho passed behind him "Daddy! My morning kiss!" Jiyool squeals beside him. Jaejoong shivered when Yunho leaned to give Jiyool a kiss. He can smell his perfume and bring back the memories of last night. Jaejoong heard the scrape of a chair against the marble as he sat down . Jaejoong took the teabag out of his cup and sip his tea slowly. Sitting here now, he thought had been a bad idea. Seconds later, one of Yunho’s body guard approached Yunho and whisper something on his ear. His head lifted up from the newspaper he was reading and thier gazes locked. "Jaejoong, your brother is
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