A Short Story Of Tangerine

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“You have to worry about yourself Eleanor. You are the most beautiful girl in this place, leave the past to the past,” Tangerine paused, “Look at that young man, whenever I see him I feel I am having a fever. His name is Ken, and if I loved someone in my short life it would be only him.” “He is appealing, what are you waiting for? Go talk to him,” Eleanor said. “No, no, I won 't do this. What my mother will say if she knows, I shall have other worries than him. After my father and brothers died in the war, we are spending the nights thinking of how we will live the other day,” Tangerine said “You will just live like how you lived today.” “My life is different from yours now. You still have your father and your brother. Your father born to be rich. He will provide for you and your mother,for me it 's different. We don 't know what we are going to do. If my mother got married, I would have a stranger in the home, whom I have to respect like my own father. Otherwise we will have to labor by ourselves, and that was prohibited when we were in the Kingdom, but now nobody knows what will happen next.” “As long as nobody knows what will happen next, go and talk to him,” Eleanor said firmly. “No, no, I can 't, I told you I can 't.” “Then, throw stones like me.” It was the noon when Lord Swann visited the work site to observe the progress of the work. Lord Swann and Liam had a short conversation about the production of the wheelers.

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