A Short Story Of The Little Red Delivery Boy '

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Once upon a time in a magical city far, far away, there was a Little Red Delivery Boy who always wore the color red. One time, his grandpa ordered the most delicious meal ever! Then, the Little Red Delivery boy went on his motorcycle as fast as he could for the really long journey! On his way to his grandpa he got distracted many times. He saw a cute little squirrel crying on the sidewalk. So the Little Red Delivery boy stopped his motorcycle and went up to the little squirrel that was crying. "Why are you crying, little squirrel?" The Little Red Delivery boy said. "I 'm lost and I 'm really hungry," The little cute Squirrel said. "Don 't worry, there 's a little food shop just for cute squirrels like you 2 blocks away from here. Do you know the directions?" "Yeah, Yeah, oh boy, oh boy, I can 't wait to eat a good meal!" The cute little squirrel said happily. Meanwhile, over afar, a really hairy wolf with big teeth and a big nose was listening to this whole conversation with the Little Red Delivery Boy and the Little Cute Squirrel. So the wolf used his magical power and teleported to the scene and walked up to the Little Red Delivery Boy to talk to him. "Hey Little Red Delivery boy, don 't trust squirrels around here. They are really dangerous and very manipulative," the Wolf said. "What? Don 't be silly wolf. Cute little squirrels are harmless." "Yea, don 't listen to the wolf, Little Delivery Boy. I bet his lies are as big as his face!" The little squirrel joked.

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