Essay On Shaquile Father

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How Shaquile mother and father met each other. Shaquile West mother and father met through a friend of her father who was a pimp in 1988. Her father (Jerry) was looking for something young to have fun with in his spare time. The mother (Tracy) was a prostitute who was known to have fun with others for money. Tracy and Jerry met up for casual sex every week for a year. Those sex days lead to them building a strong relationship with one another. On Tracy birthday they made their relationship more than just sex, they became a couple. A year later after them becoming a couple, Shaquile mother discovered that Jerry was married and already had three children. Jerry denied the marriage and children for about three months until Tracy decided to found who the woman was. Jerry became cold feet about the situation and left Tracy without an expectation to why he did…show more content…
She had grown up with two sisters, her mother, grandmother, and uncle. West mother was a single young parent who went through many hardships with relationships, drug, alcohol, and physical abuse. Shaquile mother took care of her up until she wasn 't stable to care for Shaquile. Tracy took care of Shaquile from the age of one month to four years old. West had problems with her development stages, she did not develop as normally, mostly due to her mother not having time to show or teach things that she needs to know as a toddler. Shaquile did not start talking and walk at the age of three and four years old. Shaquile did not get the base early function of neonate needed. Shaquile would be on her mother hip when she went to the drug house the get high. Once Shaquile grandmother found out about Tracy taking Shaquile to the drug house getting high in front of her, she took her from her Tracy. The grandmother stated that one-day Shaquile mother came home with Shaquile one night, she found a big burn on Shaquile arm from a pap that her mother uses to smoke crack out
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