Descriptive Essay: The House On Maple Street

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The House on Maple street was your ordinary particular house. Fresh orange paint on the shutters, perfectly cut lawn as green as anything you’ve ever seen . There was just one aspect that stood out to me the most. The new neighbor that had just moved in Mr.Wilson who had just moved in from a small wine farm in California, he didn’t really come out that much. If you got the chance to see him it would be him doing something to his house every saturday afternoon for about eight hours. He would come out with his tools go to the back of him house and the next time you would see him it’s dawn and he’s gone. One night in particular though I woke up in the middle of the night from a strong source of light that came from my window . As I took a look…show more content…
I asked my neighbor who lives a few doors down Olivia if hse noticed anything and she said she hasn’t. As I was about to ask my other friend neighbor Jerry when a unfamiliar face that i’ve seen before but didn’t recognize approach me . “ I have some information that you were looking for about Mr.Wilson’s house “. as he approached me I began notice it was Mr.Wilson’s next door neighbor Jerome. Every now and then I would see Jerome on the bus as me on our ride home and it was just a coincidence he was looking for the same answer to the question I had . He started to tell me the story about how one night as he was walking his dog he started hearing noises behind Mr.Wilson’s house at first he thought it was a intruder and ran to see who it was but as he peaked around the corner he saw a rocket type keypad for a launch off soon smoke started coming from the house and soon enough the house was no longer on the ground for a short amount of time and then went back down like nothing. The next day it was as nothing happened and no one in the neighborhood saw or heard what happened that night . So we both came up with the plan that this Wednesday when they have the neighborhood block party me and Jerome are going to sneak into Mr.Wilson’s house and solve this mystery. As the days flew by it was finally Wednesday and the block party on N…show more content…
I had no parents to worry about my plan because my parents are always the first to get to the block to set up for the party. As 5:30pm was around the corner and I heard Jerome knocking on the door waiting to come in. “ I’m not so sure about this man are you sure we should do this “ . Jerome said . I quickly smacked him in the face and told

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