A Short Story: The Mermaid's Necklace

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The Mermaid’s Necklace Once upon a time there lived a mermaid couple in Limudore, a city of mermaids in the abyss of the ocean that was blue and crystal clear. The city is being ruled by King Albert, who is renowned of being humble and approachable. King Albert’s wife, Queen Mermalene, voluntarily checks on the status of the mermaids and mermen in their city. They are considered to be a happy perfect couple but they feel incomplete because they do not have any child at all. One day, an old woman came up into the kingdom to ask for the couple’s help. The couple did everything that they can do with regards to the old woman’s request for help. Day after, in return of the couple’s good act, the old woman came back to the kingdom and gave Queen Mermalene an aqua blue necklace carved with a heart and a water drop inside of it. “Your Highness, this necklace I offer to you for your kindness. We will pray for you to have your own kind and lovable baby.” The old woman said “Thank you! We are really waiting for that to come.” Queen Mermalene replied The old woman left while Queen Mermalene is still amazed by how the necklace is made. She wore it and it became a part of her daily dress. After a month, the queen is confirmed pregnant, the long wait for them is finally over. Every day, Princess Chloe sings alone in the middle of the city, the crowd is fond of listening to her soothing voice. In this place, no human could ever see the beauty of this hidden city of Limudore as these
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