A Short Story: The Old Man's Story

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Inside a hospital, an old man laid on the hospital bed, his bright and profound eyes that did not fit his old age stared at the figures before him.

Four people were standing beside him with teary eyes, crying.

One of the figures, a little girl around the age of seven took a step forward.

“G-Grandpa, please don’t leave us!” she said in a stuffy voice.

These figures were the old man’s family, his legacy.

The old man whose bright eyes were starting to dim smiles at his granddaughter.

“My dear little Mu, do not be sad. Do you remember what grandpa always tell you?”

The girl nods, her tears dropping faster.

“A happy Mu is a happy grandpa, even in Heaven.”

The old man’s smile widened, but the light in his eyes noticeably dimmed.

Turning his gaze, he looks at a couple.

“Son, you have not disappointed me. My legacy, it is in your hands.”

His son who has not cried since the day his wife died ten years ago bawled his eyes out, releasing all his held up tears for the last ten years.

“Yes, father!”

“Ah Luo, thank you for gifting me such a little angel, making my painful days much endurable.”

He was speaking to his son’s wife, Ah Luo.

“Anything for father,” she replied in a gentle voice, afraid it might hurt his worn out hearing.

“Thank you, for putting up with my son for all these years, and please continue doing so.”

The light in the old man’s eyes dimmed some more, it was like a candlelight at the end of its lifespan, ready to go out any second.

However, with his
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