A Short Story: The Rape Of Nanking

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The Rape of Nanking It all started when I was 14. It was a fine morning on December 13 1937, 11 days from my birthday (Chang, I (1997) The Rape of Nanking [kindle version] Retrieved from http://www.guternberg.org). I and my family were eating wontons. Everything was going well until we heard screams down the road. It was just not from one person and I could say it was around 7 or more. My dad ran to the door and peeped through a crack in the door and saw them. He quickly faced us and from his face you could understand he was trying to say run but nothing came out of his mouth. Finally he gestured us to run and we went upstairs.my little sister started crying” What’s happening to us?” Before dad could answer they knocked down the door. Footsteps were approaching us and they were coming closer and closer. The Japanese soldiers saw us and shouted random stuff at us and we did not understand them but it was threatening. My little sister started screaming and the Japanese mercilessly hit her with the butt of the rifle. She fall to the ground and passed out. Nobody moved or spoke because we knew what would happen if we tried. We faced away from seeing my sister being bayoneted. Blood streamed down all the way to our feet.it was a horrific and unbearable scene. They told us to get out of the house threatening us with the rifles with bayonets fixed on the front of it. The soldiers gave us each different directions. They split us apart and I knew that it would be was the last

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