A Short Story: The Story Of A Story

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It was Saturday, me and Jalyn plus the rest of my family, were at Applebee 's waiting outside for our tables to be ready. It was packed. Jalyn glances at her phone as we sit on the bench by the door, she starts typing and I wonder to who. She turns off her phone and I feel a vibration on my hip, she was texting me. Shocker. I look at the text and it says ' 'try to catch me! ' ' I looked up in confusion but only see Jalyn running away. ' 'Oh you little..." I got up and ran after her, I catchup pretty easily. I come up behind her and grab her by her shoulders before slipping on my butt and she was on my stomach. "Owwww" I groan as she stands up and helps me as well, after she was finished having a laughing fit. I stand up and brush off my back side and sit back down on a rock, my phone lights up so I grab it and open it, but suddenly I hear "watch out!" From a familiar voice, A.K.A 'lil miss Jalyn. I open my arms knowing shes gonna fall on my lap, only because this is not the first time. As I expected, I felt a large amount of weight collapses on my lap. "Get off me, you overgrown elephant!" I yelled before breaking into laughter at the last expression she showed before falling on her butt, on a bush. I fell as well, but not because I was pushed, but because I fell over, laughing at my best friend. I got back up and sat back on the flat rock, and to no surprise extra weight was added shortly after. I grabbed my phone and we made a 'musical.ly ' and we almost

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