Catch Me Narrative

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It was Saturday, me and Jalyn plus the rest of my family, were at Applebee 's waiting outside for our tables to be ready. It was packed. Jalyn glances at her phone as we sit on the bench by the door, she starts typing and I wonder to who. She turns off her phone and I feel a vibration on my hip, she was texting me. Shocker. I look at the text and it says ' 'try to catch me! ' ' I looked up in confusion but only see Jalyn running away. ' 'Oh you little..." I got up and ran after her, I catchup pretty easily. I come up behind her and grab her by her shoulders before slipping on my butt and she was on my stomach. "Owwww" I groan as she stands up and helps me as well, after she was finished having a laughing fit. I stand up and brush off my back…show more content…
My dad joined us after about five minutes and we waited for all the cars ahead of us to leave. I reached in the front of the car to turn up the music and we both started singing and dancing our hearts out before my dad yelled at us for being to loud A.K.A having a good time. He turns off the radio and we sit in silence, he got a call and he answered and said "yah, yup....yah thats what the GPS said....oh, no its just rerouting...yah, we should be there in ten." And he hung up. Fifteen minutes had passed. "Uh, Meadow?" Jalyn whispered so quiet. I hummed in response. "Your dad keeps looking at his phone and its scaring me." She said before grabbing my hand and squeezing it a little. "I know, he does it sometimes, he 's just trying to figure out where we 're going" I said. But then I started thinking, its been a long time since we left Applebee 's. "Well actually we 've been driving longer than he said to be honest." I looked at her and she looked at me a little frightened. I saw some cars up ahead parked on the side of the road, but I didn 't pay much mind to them until my dad got a phone call, he glanced at his phone to see who was calling. I looked back at the road not caring about his phone call, and I saw the cars barely two feet from our front bumper. The last thing I did was grab Jayln, scream at the top of my lungs and locked my eyes
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