A Short Story: The Story Of A Story

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“Have you read?” Anish’s mother crowed with joy at seeing me and Mahima. “He wrote praiseworthy; his diary is incredible.” Mahima flattered. “But…” I remarked. “But…?” Anish’s mother drawled. I smirked and pointed out – “The conclusion is missing in it.” “That day, he handed me his diaries, and went to the office.” She removed the veil and wiped her tears. “And so he never came back.” She sobbed. Mahima hugged her and wiped tears. “We will publish his work; I am sure the profit will be enough to get you a livelihood.” I promised her. I bore on her feet; she showered her blessings, bussed my forehead and then I left the place, Mahima followed me. We thanked Mr. Morvekar, owner of the trust and asked his permission to depart. “I will shift Anish’s mother and father in concert, in a rental flat. Hope you don’t mind.” Mahima informed. Mr. Morvekar affirmed with a smile. ***** We reached Mahima’s house, Mr. Singh was waiting for us. Mahima looked at me and smiled, we both knew what have to happen next. “Go and freshen yourself for dinner.” Mr. Singh added. “He missed something, right?” Mahima whispered. I nodded slowly, thoughtfully. “Santosh had informed me everything; I am not stating that you guys are wrong, but…” Mr. Singh shrugged. Mahima and I pressed our lips, looked at each other to hide smiles and got to refresh ourselves. ***** The dining scene was same, as it took place in Anish’s diary, Mr. Singh praised ladyfingers and asked, “Mohit, I am going Delhi tomorrow for a

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