A Short Story: The Story Of A Thanksgiving Day

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It was Thanksgiving Day, the sun was already shining in Paris. Sarah woke up very early to prepare her traditional pumpkin pie, and organize her famous lunch with Dorota, her housekeeper and confident. Chuck, her boyfriend was still sleeping, he was a rich businessman who had and hotel named Empire. Sara loved riches, and clothes, she was bossy, and controller, but had a good heart. Sara and Chuck were dating for a long time, they lived together, but they always had big fights. The night before, they had a fight because Sarah thought that Chuck was hiding something from her because of his frequent disappearance, but he told her that he was actually going to meetings to close a contract with an important investor. When Chuck woke up, they were still not talking, but Sarah with her ability to manipulate people, changed the situation, and he accepted her apology.…show more content…
Her party was almost starting when she received a call from a stranger that wanted to meet her next to the Eiffel Tower. She was confused, so she ignored the message. During the party, a tall woman with a long and beautiful dress entered in her apartment. Sarah saw the woman talking with Chuck, and he seemed angry. She asked Chuck about the girl, and he said that she was just a blogger trying to get informations about his hotel. The woman lived her apartment, but Sarah followed her. Sarah saw she entering in a dark car. Less than five minutes after, she receive another call from the same stranger from that morning. Again, the stranger was asking to meet her, and she
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