Abita's Life Story

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Abita was a young, black, strong willed, and intelligent 17 year old girl who knew exactly what she wanted in life. She was underestimated by many because people thought she was just simply to young to make any impact on society. Her mother was a waitress who sometimes could barely make ends meet. Abitas mom wanted her to grow strong and when she was growing up, she often told her, her dreams and stories about empowering people and standing up for what’s right regardless of what the outcome may be. Abita’s father wasn 't in the picture, she didn’t even know whether he was dead or alive, she could see the pain that lingered in her mom 's chocolate brown eyes when her younger sisters would talk about him. Abita had 2 younger siblings and was…show more content…
Abita worked extra hard to maintain her grades and stay at a 4.0 gpa. She did extracurricular activities and hoped that there would be some college that would accept her even though she “wasn’t the right colored skin”. Abita remembered a time that her and her friends walked into a diverse ice cream parlor where colored and whites got to be in the same facility, colored had to enter through the back and sit by the bathrooms and trash cans while the whites got to roam about the whole parlor, but it was one of the only places where there was no separation. While abita and some of her fellow classmates were enjoying their milkshakes a group of white students approached the table, they started calling them names harassing them and even assaulting them, they not dare say anything for fear of something worse happening. No other person in the parlor did anything besides watch ; some even
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