A Short Story: The Story Of Abita

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Abita was a young, black, strong willed, and intelligent 17 year old girl who knew exactly what she wanted in life. She was underestimated by many because people thought she was just simply to young to make any impact on society. Her mother was a waitress who sometimes could barely make ends meet. Abitas mom wanted her to grow strong and when she was growing up, she often told her, her dreams and stories about empowering people and standing up for what’s right regardless of what the outcome may be. Abita’s father wasn 't in the picture, she didn’t even know whether he was dead or alive, she could see the pain that lingered in her mom 's chocolate brown eyes when her younger sisters would talk about him. Abita had 2 younger siblings and was often responsible for them while her mother was out. There was once a time where her mom was gone for 3 days working graveyard shifts and she had to hold the house down for her two younger siblings. All Abita wanted was for there to be equality where boys and girls of all races could attend school together, where all races could sit together on the bus, where all races could use the same bathrooms, where all races could eat together, where all races could be whole. She was tired of lookin in her younger sisters telling them why they had to eat in different places from white people, why they had to go to different schools from the other little white girls down the street. Abita wanted to be an activist who fought for equality and for what

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