A Short Story: The Story Of Amarisha

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Amarisha peeked outside her hut’s door at the peak on midnight. She on 2908th moon gazing trip and didn’t want to get caught by a sun warrior. They were way too hot-headed just because they were blessed by the elderly. If you get blessed by the elderly you are apparently protected from the moon’s harmful spells. She didn’t believe that nonsense. None of the villagers got blessed, it’s always the nobles and warriors that got favored. Amarisha tugged her black cloak hood to cover her dark hair and made sure that her white saree (an indian dress with a blouse and super long wrap) was covered as well. Then she hustled into the night, toward the beach, where the moon shone bright. When her feet hit the sandy beach, she found a good spot and threw a blanket over. She then shrugged her braid off her shoulder, settled down, and admired the moon from the beach. She named out the constellations one, by one, until her eyelids started to droop. She suddenly jumped out of her laid back position and threw on the cloak. If she was tired she needed to go back to her hut because the sun warriors might find her here if she falls asleep. She sped back to her little house to get cozy in her bed. Amarisha sprung out of bed at 7 in the morning. She rushed into the restroom and took a shower after brushing her teeth. She quickly slipped on a red kurti(a long indian dress) and rushed out to her barn. Sliding the barn door open, she was immediately greeted Nandhini, her female cow, who would

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