A Short Story: The Story Of An Island

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At midnight the ship crashed. “Ahh,” we screamed. We were in the middle of the ocean, so we swam until we seen an island in front of us. “Look there is an Island”said John. “ It is hawaii,” yeled Carlos.There were two people on are boat and there names were John and Carlos “Hi they said,” The first thing that they had to do was find other survivors on the island that they crashed on. After a while later of walking we could still not find anyone “we should go back”, said John. So then we went back. It was getting cold out so we made a fire “It is very warm by the fire” said carlos. We wanted to build shelter for all of us “I will go and get the logs” said John.So we cut down some of the trees that we found,”timber,”said John. We used wet sand to stick the logs together,” I will get the sticks” said John.Then we used stikes and big leaves for the top of the shelter. Then we built the other three. The next morning when we woke up we found crazy Monkeys running and jumping all of the place, “what is happening,” said carlos. Thay had bananas everywhere pulse banana peels” Ahh,” we screamed. And they were eating and throwing bananas everywhere. They were screaming and jumping and running everywhere “git them out of here” said John. We did not know what to do then so we just ran and hid in are shelters. “I think we will be safe in here,”said John. When they were gone we went out of are shelters.’I am glad that they are all gone,” said carlos.Then we got some water and boiled

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