A Short Story: The Story Of Bullying In School

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Once upon a time there was a little kid called Sid. Since he was a child, he had been hit and also was physically abused by his parents. In school, all their classmates called him donkey, because he was always the lowest grade. Some kids that were bigger than him bullied him. They punched him in the face and when he got back home, their parents hit him because of all the bruisses that he had in his face and in his arms. One day, he was sick of his parents because they always kicked him. So, what he decided to do was to take all those bad vibes and punches that their parents gave him, and he hit some of his classmates.
After all that happened, he realized that he was by his own, he didn´t have a friend or someone to share things, to
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They went to the beach for a nice hot day. A normal day, they ate together, then have a very long nap, and then they went to have some fun out. They walked miles and miles and they never got tired. He felt like if Sparky was the part of his life that was missing.
All of these things were going very good, they have a nice friendship until something horrible happened. What happened was that the owner left the door wide opened, and that was the mistake. Sid was carrying some stuff inside the house, but in that moment, Sparky saw a cat, so he got out of the house and started running after the cat. Sid got scared and started running after Sparky. They run a lot of miles until Sparky stopped. Sid was so angry with him that when they arrived home, he hit Sparky very hard. At the moment he kicked Sparky he had a flashback, he started remembering all of those bad things people have done to him. So he decided to take revenge on the poor Sparky.
He started to punish Sparky, his dog that couldn´t defend himself from Sid. Sid punished Sparky y hitting him and locking him in the dark and terrific basement. Sparky was happy, every time that Sid entered to the basement, he moved his tail and he tried to get closer to him, but Sid kicked him. Sid didn´t care about Sparky anymore, so he kept him in there and Sparky was starting to realize what was going on, so he wasn´t so happy after
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Sparky was also full of angry, he wanted to eat his owner, because he didn´t feed him. He was very weak, at least he could run. He had an idea to get out of the basement. He was going to be in the floor lying down with his eyes closed, so Sid could get close to him to see what was going on, and then he would attack Sid and bite his neck so we would bleed and die, and after, he was going to eat him.
Several days happened until the day finally arrived. When Sid went inside the basement he saw Sparky on the floor and said: “Finally is death, I was sick of him”, he thought he was dead so he went over and he was about to carry him, and then Sparky jumped on him and started biting his neck. Sid was bleeding and finally, he died. A few hours later, Sparky was eating him and he was thinking that it was the best meal of his life. When he finished, he went to the shelter where he was adopted. In there, they give him food, water and other dogs to interact with.
A few months later, a family came to adopt a dog, and they adopted Sparky. He was happy to be with them and he could finally have a decent life full of love, friendship and the most important…

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