A Short Story: The Story Of Dionysus

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Today was a day filled with anticipation and wonderment of things to come Dionysus was thinking. He stood as a tall, burly man with curly brown hair and deep violet eyes. Upon his head lay a wreath of grapes and golden leaves. As a mortal, Dionysus appeared in a blue and amber robe adorned with jewels, charms, and ornaments of gold, silver, and bronze. His father was King of the Gods, Zeus, and his mortal mother was Princess Semele of Thebes. Sadly, he never knew his mother because Zeus/s wife, Hera, caused her death out of spite and jealousy. Since growing into adulthood, Dionysus had already changed the world by creating the process of turning grapes into wine and alcohol. He personally taught the mortals how to cultivate the soil…show more content…
He was not suspect to the pirate's presence until, suddenly, his godly powers warned him of the impending danger or an approaching group of mortals. Hmm, I wonder what they want? I will humor them by staying in my mortal disguise." he smiled. All at once, Dionysus felt the blade of a knife being held to his neck and a whisper in his ear. The captain sneered at Dionysus. "You are very unwise to be here by yourself, boy." "Do ye know who we are?" the captain spit. "No, should I?" replied Dionysus grinning. Then the pirates quickly removed him and took him to the ship where they bound him to a post with different sizes of ropes. What the pirates did not realize was that these ropes would have no effect on the God of Wine because, after all, he was a god! The crew was astounded and confused by the collapse of the ropes! They just kept falling to the ground every time they tried to tie him up! It was Aristos who brought to the attention of the captain that j"We have just bought a god on board our ship!" shrieked Aristos. "You are a loon!" replied the captain. But in a flash, Dionysus decided to teach the pirates a lesson they would never forget! His godly powers started to glow a bright purple aura around him and he had the strength of Hercules in his arms! His violet eyes grew darker and began to transform into his godly form of a raging lion. Screams echoed throughout the ship as Dionysus launched at the running fleet of men jumping overboard to save their lives. As they hit the water, their skins became pale white as fins appeared on their backs turning them into dolphins. There was only one survivor, Aristos. "Helmsman, behold you have a second chance at a new life," said Dionysus Come with me and we will continue my journey to Thebes...together. I am God of the Wine of Mount Olympus and now you

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