A Short Story: The Story Of Dominos

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The Morning came sooner then expected , Dominoe sat at the kitchen table brewing her french press coffee while eating a red apple . She got dressed into her long gray button shirt and black dress pants . She looked at her hand watching it shake and began to feel nervous . She closed her eyes and began to say a prayer slowly to herself . She opened her eyes taking a deep breath , feeling somewhat calm . She got into her car and drove off to work , she arrived to the school begining to walk to the front of the school . She stopped before entering as a homeless man approached her . He was very old age , wearing a dark faded short sleeve green shirt , blue jeans and beige boots . The smell coming from him was pure disgusting , his long white beard was stained with god knows what , he raised his hand pointing at her. " Your doom , your gonna die like she did , like the others did , this school is cursed you hear me cursed !" Old man Clements came out of nowhere grabbing the homeless man , " get out of here and leave this lady alone or I 'll call the cops!" The homeless man ran off screaming along the way " cursed , cursed , cursed !" " Are you ok Ms. Dominoe?" " Yes sir I 'm fine , what did he mean cursed and something about the other lady ?" Old man Clements paused placing his hand on his white mustache rubbing it . " There was a freak accident with the lady that you took over from , she fell down the steps breaking her neck , as for the curse , there is a dark
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