A Short Story: The Story Of Gretel

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Once upon a time, I was sitting in my rocking chair when I hear nibbling on my house. I go outside and see who’s outside. I see two children eating at my house. I ask them what they are doing. “Our stepmother left us in the woods with no food. I am Hansel and my sister’s name is Gretel,” explained the boy. “Well that doesn’t give you the right to eat my house,” I say. I take them into my house for the night. In the morning I make them pancakes, I am being nothing but friendly to them. Even though I could use magic if I wanted to, but I wanted the children to help fix the house because they are the ones who broke it. When I take Hansel into the basement to get supplies to fix my house he tries to escape because apparently witches eat children, that is a lie. I left Hansel I the basement to grab the flour and the sugar for the roof and windows. I asked Gretel to take down some food for her brother to eat. When she got back, I asked her to help me clean out my giant oven. She asked, “Why do you need such a big oven? Are you going to cook us?” “Don’t be silly, witches don’t eat children. The oven is to cook the roof. ” “Oh really then why is my brother in the basement,” she yelled. “He is getting the supplies to fix the house.” I say back to her. “I don’t believe you!” she yells “Just clean the oven,” I say. After Gretel and I started to clean the oven Hansel came to where we were standing with a bag of sugar. “Get out of there Gretel the witch is going to eat you!” He
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