Lucille's Room: A Narrative Fiction

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¨Lucille get down here right now¨ Said her mom ¨No mother.¨replied lucille Lucille then jumped out the window. And her mother yelled at her again, not knowing that she was gone. When Lucille 's mother went to go find her she was nowhere in sight. Assuming that she was just hiding somewhere her mother began to kneel down looking for Lucille under the bed and she wasn 't there. ¨Where could she be?¨ Her mother exclaimed Her mother began to check the closet and behind the dresser but Lucille was nowhere in sight. Lucille 's mother began to panic, she ran around the house screaming things like ¨Lucille¨, and ¨Lucille where are you?¨ there was no response. Her mother started to worry some more. She ran to the phone and dialed 911. ¨911 what is your emergency?¨ the operator began ¨Hi,…show more content…
Could she have gone out to play?¨ ¨I assume that could have happened please wait while I check.¨ As Lucille 's mom set down the phone and headed for the door Lucille crept through the back door. She walked to the phone and hung it back up on the wall causing it to disconnect. Lucille then walked to the front door and locked it. Lucille 's mom started walking around the house the made a full circle twice making sure to look behind bushes and in trees but when Lucille was nowhere in sight her mother hurried back to the front door only to discover it was locked. In confusion, Lucille 's mother tried the door again. It wouldn 't budge. Remembering the key under the welcome matt, she bent down to grab it. It wasn 't there so where could the key be? Lucille 's mom walked to the side of the house and grabbed a ladder so she could climb through her bedroom window. When she got in the window she walked down the stairs. Lucille started to hear sirens so she ran to her room, closed the door, and sat on her
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