A Short Story: The Story Of Lyra Belacqua

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Imagine a world that is as alike as it is dissimilar to our own. Where huge zeppelins litter the skyline and a persons ' soul is a living breathing animal companion or 'daemon '. This is the world of Lyra Belacqua, orphan and carefree child who lives with the musty old scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. Together with her daemon Pantalaimon, Lyra 's uncomplicated life is about to be turned upside down with an amazing and sometimes terrifying chain of events beginning with her uncle Lord Asriel 's visit to the College to plan an expidition to the Northern Lights. His goal is to find the source of 'Dust 'and a possible gateway to another world. Soon after is the appearance of Mrs Coulter, a cool and charasmatic woman who decides that Lyra should be versed in the etiquette of becoming a young woman and decides to take Lyra away from Jordan College but whom Lyra soons suspects has, together with her golden monkey daemon, an ulterior motive. With a strange golden compass, known as an 'alethiometer ' in her possesion, given to her by the Master of the College and the terrible disappearance of many local children at the hands of the 'Gobblers ', it is the disappearance of her own best friend Roger and the one too many obsticles put in her way to find out more about 'Dust ' that makes Lyra more sure than ever that these events are all linked somehow and the only way to find out more, and her friend, is to travel to the Northern Lights.

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