A Short Story: The Story Of Mama's Story

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I wake from my slumber to the sound of Mama 's scream. After throwing the covers from me, I clamber out of my bed and tiptoe towards my bedroom door. As always, the floorboards creak, announcing my approach. As trepidation seeps through my skin, my hands clasp onto the hem of my pyjama top, clutching the fabric into my fists, while I wait for either of my parents to usher me back to bed. Once satisfied that neither of them has acknowledged my presence, I continue tiptoeing till I reach the door, and glance over my shoulder towards Frankie, to discover him sleeping soundly in his bed. The opening in the doorway allows a yellow glow to seep through, but also allows me to peep out, though I see nothing but the dim light from our living room creeping up the stairs. The muffled voices drift up to my ears, along with Mama 's sobs. I slip out of my bedroom, and tiptoe to the top of the stairs, and sit on the first step. With ease, I slide down to the next step, then the next, until I 'm sitting halfway down the stairs, and peer through the bannister railings, to witness Sofia and Vincenzo, standing in the living room with Mama. “They shot him,” Mama cries. Sofia draws Mama into her embrace, allowing her to weep on her shoulder. “What am I going to do?” asks Mama. “What do I tell my boys?” Vincenzo collapses on the sofa and rests his face in his palms for a moment before peering through his fingers. “Tell them their father was killed in a car accident. That 's how they 're
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