Mr. Piggle: A Short Story

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One day Mr. Piggles started carrying around a briefcase around everywhere he went. He had it no matter where he went. Nobody the town knew what was in the briefcase. Mrs. Piggles his wife didn’t even know what was in there, and he never told her. At the beach he had the briefcase in his hand. In the grocery store he had his briefcase.
In the shower he had his briefcase. He even took the briefcase when he went dancing with his wife. He cooked dinner with the briefcase, and he vacuumed the house with it. He baked cookies with it in his hands. He strangely slept with his briefcase. He took it to gym to lightweights. Everywhere he went; people would stop and ask “What is in that briefcase, Mr. Piggles?” “None of your business” he always said.
It made everyone in the neighborhood very curious. It was constant whispers and gossiping about what was in that briefcase, and why he was always carrying it. They wondered if he
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With all the chatter, and uproar about the briefcase, Mrs. Piggles thought it was time to know what in the briefcase she was after all his wife. She waited for Mr. Piggles to fall asleep, and then she tried to remove the briefcase from his hand. He woke up suddenly, “What on earth are you doing?” he said.
“What’s in the briefcase?” Mr. Piggles hit his hand on his head, “you too.” He said. Mr. Piggles opened the briefcase for his wife. She put on her reading glasses, and peered into the briefcase. To her surprise the briefcase was empty. She looked very confused. “Why you are carrying around an empty briefcase?” she asked. Mr. Piggles took a deep breath and put his head down. “I don’t want to, but I spilled super glue on the handle and I haven’t been able to get it off my hand.” “When people started asking me what was so important, and what I had in it; I was too embarrassed to tell them what

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