A Short Story: The Story Of My Passions

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My sweet grandmother was always very understanding about my passions. I caused a lot of trouble when I decided to pull apart every electronic device she had. As an excuse, she used to say “A curious child learns fast.” I was a 9-year-old and very curious about how things work. My first victim was my grandmother’s radio. It was a big old radio and one day it just stopped working making my grandmother very sad. To make her happy again I decided to fix it. I grabbed the toolbox and sat down on the floor and opened the radio from behind. Everything looked fine to me. I checked the power cable, and the plug was loose. I thought it was an easy fix. I stripped the wire, and put everything back in place, and then I closed the power plug. It looked perfect. I plugged the radio into the wall and caught it fire! My granny was quick to turn off the circuit breakers. The wire, the plug, the outlet were melted. There was a huge black stain on the wall from the fire. The repair was perfect. I just did not know that it was necessary to insulate the wire with insulation tape. The cassette player died in my hands, and it was my fault. It took me two years to learn and become a good fixer. I was fixing the stove, dishwasher, and everything that needed a repair. A long time ago I decided to build my first computer. The PC I had was old and no longer did what I needed. It was a good idea because I could save some money. I bought a DIY DVD called "How to Build a Computer.” I watched the
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