A Short Story: The Story Of My Family

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For as long as I could remember, my family showed we were the perfect household; a family whose puzzle was complete and no piece had disappeared at all. It was mostly my mother who often wanted to keep up the appearances, she didn 't realize a jigsaw puzzle had vanished over the years and that was me. I tried very hard to reach the perfect standard, but that was easier said than done. My family adored my brother who led his own company and I just turned out to be Eliza, the one who always lived in the shadows. My stomach always hardened when thinking about Tommy, the one who was put on a pedestal. That 's how it seemed like and today it wasn 't really different, on the contrary, today Tommy 's almighty status would increase. He had won a prize and my mother lived in the seventh heaven. Without a doubt, she had arranged a party in honor of my brother. Journalists and reporters were invited to enjoy this day. At this moment, I was located in the corner of the room. The driveway was filled with cars and the door was open to welcome the guests to my brother 's party. A red carpet was rolled over the floor while the footsteps of the people reverberated over the red cloth. A gentle breeze stroked my upper arm, yet I straightened my face. My family would hate me forever if I didn 't put on a show too, I couldn 't show a crack in the perfect picture. A little further stood my mother, father, and Tommy. They gave the people who entered a hand as I leaned against the wall behind

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