A Short Story: The Story Of Odwid

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An old man by the name of Odwid is on his deathbed and has called for a priest/cleric of any good alignment to see him on his way. His sends his grandson, a young man called Aelhard, into town from their small farm 10 miles away. Aelhard searches for a priest/cleric (presumably a PC) and offers a meager sum of 5gp if someone can help see his grandfather to the afterlife . They could also use a few hands to help bury him as well and would offer them pay the extra hands upon completion. Upon arrival , they come to a small cottage made of brick. The farm itself appears run down and the soil is in no better shape. Aelhard opens the door gingerly and peers in before swinging it open. Odwid lay inside, a tall , gaunt, man in his sixties with white hair and beard. “Ahh you’ve come, I was beginning to think I would die alone!” He laughs. HIs condition is obvious, as his skin looks sucked up and lacking in hydration. Large , dark bags hang from under his eyes. “Well , let’s get on with it then,” Odwid lets outs stoically before entering a coughing spasm. He asks a concerned looking Aelhard to fetch wood for the fireplace and Aelhard obliges. Odwid takes a sip of some hard drink and offers the party some. (excluding the priest) Right as the priest is finished with his ritual to help guide Odwid to the afterlife, Odwid thanks the PCs and begins. “There is one more thing that I have to ask you before I die. Aelhard is the only person I have ever entrusted with this

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