A Short Story: The Story Of Pugsley

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This is not just a paper, this is a story, the story of Pugsley. When we first bought our house this straggly, old, abandoned looking dog wobbled out from under the porch. This dog was named Pugsley. Dogs are known for being helpers and loyal to humans, but have you ever had a real best-pet-ever? I have and he was Pugsley, and this is his story.
The story of how Pugsley came to be abandoned is a sad one. We got him when we bought the house, this lady and guy who owned our house before us had Pugsley, but the guy died and his wife hated the dog. She sold the dog with the house, the house even came with 3 mean, nasty cats. The cats’ always hissed at us, but luckily they left one day. I haven’t seen them since, but that was over 10 years ago, so either way they probably wouldn’t be alive now. When we first found Pugsley he may have been scary or ugly, but in the next few days he became one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.
Pugsley was also a lot of other things too, including smart, kind, and especially loyal, he was always watching over us and protecting us. Every day at exactly the same time he came out from under the porch and followed my dad to his car, he would wait for him to leave before returning to the porch. I believe that he followed my dad so that he could protect him, he even followed us. After a few hours, me and my siblings would go wait at the bus stop, he always waited with us, he never missed a day. After we got on the bus he would go over to the

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