A Short Story: The Story Of Roger Butne's Heart

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The story begins in the summer of 1860, with Roger Button. He is a businessman. Mr. Roger Button owns a hardware company in Baltimore. He is married. It is summer of 1860, his wife Mrs. Button is having her first baby, and Mr. Button is arriving at the hospital to meet his first child for the first time. He really wants to have son and from that fact he is nervous. Mr. Button meets his family doctor, Doctor Keene, on the steps of the hospital. After that Doctor Keene says that he doesn’t wants to do nothing more with Button family. Mr. Button is scared. Nurse says same thing that Doctor said. Finally when he opens the door he see his child. Mr. Button child is 70 year old man. And the child asks his father “Are you my father?” At first Mr. Button thinks that this is a kind of joke, but then the nurse says that it is not. The nurse also says that Mr. Button have to take his scary and embarrassing child from hospital. The child agrees with that fact, because he is hungry and tired from this noise of all these screaming babies. Mr. Button is worries for himself, he thinks what other people will say. The child says that he need clothes. Father goes to shop to buy clothes for his 70 years old child. At first he buys clothes for 6 hours born child, but the clothes are small for his child. Then he goes and buys clothes for 16 years old, but they are also too small. After that he buys big one. And the 70 years old child can wear it. Mr. Button shaves his baby’s beard and dyed

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