A Short Story: The Story Of School And School

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Story It 's Monday...gross. Monday means school and school means being around people I hate, learning things I already know, not being allowed to talk, not allowed to use my phone, not allowed to contact friends or anything! It 's like a prison. I 'm getting my outfit ready for the day, a blue T-shirt with the words 'Hollister ' on it with my jean jacket and for pants just black leggings. I love leggings and they are pretty much the only pants that I own. And yes, they are pants any anyone who disagrees can physically fight me and I will win due to the full range of motion I have because I 'm wearing leggings as pants. Anyway, after I brush my long wavy dark blonde hair, I make my way down to the kitchen. When I get to the kitchen I 'm greeted by mothers smile. "Good morning." I say. "Morning sweetie," she replies. "Is Lilith driving you today or am I?" She asks referring to my best friend. Lilith is just like me but she is way more darling then I am! She has icy blue hair, but she always changes it. "Lilith is taking me today. " I reply. "And she is taking me to her house and I 'm just going to spend the night there if that 's okay?" "Oh yeah sure sweetie, that 's fine as long as it 's okay with her parents. " she answered almost instantly. I love my mom. She always lets me spend the night at Lilith 's house, then again we have been friends since we were 10! I look at my phone and it reads 7:15. I go outside to find Liliths 2015 Porsche 918 spyder. It 's beautiful! It
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