A Short Story: The Story Of The Story

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“Now onto breaking news. Yesterday at 10:12pm a car ran into a street light on Redwood Lane. A male by the name of Matthew Bond has passed away from the incident. More investigation on how this accident was caused is unknown until further notice. Now onto the-” “You don’t need to be putting that stuff into your head as much as it already is,” my mother said, shutting off the tv. I stare down at my untouched food, moving the blueberries around with my fork. “You know it’s not your fault,” she said. “But I was the one who told him to get me soup since I was sick.” I said, keeping my eyes on the plate of food. I heard my mother sigh. “He was probably just trying to avoid a drunk driver and remember, it was storming so his vision wasn’t that great.” She said. I knew she was trying to make me feel better. I put my fork down and got up. “I need to get ready.” I said, starting to walk away from the kitchen. “I’ll let you skip school if you 're not feeling well.” My mom said, making me stop. “No, it’s okay. Im fine.” I said and started walking again. I made my way up the stairs and into my room. I kick aside my wet clothes from yesterday that were in my doorway and grabbed my coat off my bed. The moment I grabbed it, something heavy hit the floor. I ignored it and threw on my coat. I slipped on my boots and grabbed my backpack before heading downstairs. “Im leaving.” I said as I opened up the front door. “Okay honey have fun at school.” My mother said back. “I’ll try” I

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