A Short Story: The Story Of The Story-A Story?

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It all happened on the Johnson farm… It was around 3am they suspect. It was a peaceful morning until papa barged in with a long gray beard to say, “How in the world is the sheep in the meadow, and the cow in the corn!?” he shouted from the kitchen window. “Oh no… I checked the gates before I sent the kids off to their spot honey, I don’t know what could’ve unlocked them,” mama exclaimed with her long beautiful hair in braids as she cooked breakfast. “Well Little Boy Blue, go blow your horn, let’s round em’ up before we eat,” papa demanded. “Yes sir…”petite,responsible, Little Boy Blue huffed. “Son, how do we figure out who did this or how it happened?” asked Papa. “ I don’t know Papa,” sneered Little Boy Blue. “You’re smart son, come on… This is a big deal. Those animals are what we live off of. Maybe Brooklyn can stop out tonight and help us figure it out,” said Papa. “Good! I’m sure Brooklyn will crack this case right away Papa! She’s awesome!” exclaimed Little Boy Blue. Later in the evening, once Brooklyn was off work, she stopped out to the ole’ family farm to check out what has happened. Brooklyn was a middle aged woman who is a very close family friend, who just happens to be a detective. Mama and Papa sat in the wooden bench to the north of the fire pit. Little Boy Blue, the animal keeper sat with his little brother Mark, who has a very goofy, strong personality. Sabrina who’s very smiley and

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