The Spirit Bear Short Story

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So after Cole and Peter became friends they started to do everything together. They soaked in the pond together, they hunted together, the went fishing together, they also carved stuff on their totems together. But they eventually have to pack up and return to the city. When they return they have to go to school. When they get to the school they get bullied a lot and they don 't like it, so they decide to go back to the island to see the Spirit Bear one more time. When they get to the island there are NO trees, NO animals, EVERYTHING was gone. Except for one big white thing out in the distance. So they started to walk over to it and it started to walk over to them. When they got about 15 feet away. The Spirit Bear started to talk. The bear was saying words!!! The spirit Bear was trying to warn Cole and Peter about all the bad men who were cutting down all of the trees and trying to catch all of the Spirit Bears. So they started to look for some clues, and out of the corner of Coles eye he saw a shiny silver object. When he grabbed it he noticed that Edwins name was on the silver plaque thing. He couldn 't believe that Edwin had betrayed them. Then out of nowhere he heard Peter start to scream. He looked behind him and…show more content…
When they opened the door they saw him in his chair. So they went up to him, but it wasn 't him. When Cole turned around there he was with Peter in his arms. So Cole put down the rope and when Edwin came over to grab Cole, Cole punched him in the face. Edwin was out unconscious. Cole and Peter called the police and Edwin and Garvey were arrested for illegal poaching. They were never allowed to hunt again, and they got 40 years of jail. After that, Cole and Peter went back to the island. When they got to the island every single bear they had saved was there. But when Cole blinked they disappeared. That was when Cole realized he needed to come back to the island and stay another
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