A Short Story: The Story Of The Spiritless Child

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“Congratulations my lord it’s a boy”, said a women. She was holding a baby in her arms. The man in front of her had silver hairs and golden eyes with jade green hue in them. He looked to be in his mid-20.

“Let me check it, I want to know now!” said the man. He was nervous too. He looked at the women who was asleep at the bed inside the room she had green hairs and blue eyes. She was sleeping inside after the birth. Her smile was still present on her lovely face. He activated his spirit energy and sent it inside the child. After some time his face frowned, thinking about it for some time he let out a sigh.

As soon as the sigh escaped from his mouth an old man who was silently observing the situation from aside suddenly said,” Let me check”. He had green hair and green eyes which looked full of wisdom. He first sent his spirit energy inside the boy thought for some time and then sent his pulse energy inside his face gradually returned to normal.

“Hmm, Spiritless boy with spirit palace, he got this from you I assume but he also got a grade 7 spirit pulse with wood-fire attributes. This must be his mother blood. So what do you think?” he asked the man with silver hairs.

“I think he holds the same destiny as I do. I want to send him to my clan. What do you think?” asked the man.

“It’s a good choice there is still some inheritance of your ancestors left there. He may get a chance too if he is fated to it, if not then we

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