Creative Writing: The Spirit Awakening Ceremony

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“Congratulations my lord it’s a boy”, said a women. She was holding a baby in her arms. The man in front of her had silver hairs and golden eyes with jade green hue in them. He looked to be in his mid-20.

“Let me check it, I want to know now!” said the man. He was nervous too. He looked at the women who was asleep at the bed inside the room she had green hairs and blue eyes. She was sleeping inside after the birth. Her smile was still present on her lovely face. He activated his spirit energy and sent it inside the child. After some time his face frowned, thinking about it for some time he let out a sigh.

As soon as the sigh escaped from his mouth an old man who was silently observing the situation from aside suddenly
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“My boy you are asking me the same question for 2-3 days already. The spirit awakening ceremony is going to take place tomorrow so get yourself together with it”, he said full of enthusiasm.

John remembered his last 4 years of efforts and training his body. His grandfather was the 3rd elder of the tiger sword clan. A clan specializing swords as their spirit and tiger beasts as their pulse. It was said that the first patriarchy of the clan was a heavenly iron tiger. He reached the peak of cultivation of this Spirit-Pulse world and passed down his bloodline into his descendants so that they too possess tiger-type beasts as their pulse and then he made contract with naturally formed sword spirit treasures to be their spirit form and sealed them within his blood. So therefore many of the peoples in the clan get tiger type spirit pulse and sword type spirit forms. The clan specialises in swords. John was a genius of his age. He could go toe to toe with newly promoted spirit master while not using their spirit energy only in sword arts. He didn’t cultivated any sword arts since only after achieving spirit energy and getting to the spirit master rank can he know about the elements he specialises in. He was currently at the peak of the mortal rank and was trying to sense the spirit energy to open his spirit palace but was unable to. It has been half year since
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And the elders provided the energy supply with their own energy. Some self-awaken children awake it at age 8 but the perfect vessel to awake it was at age 10 and at mortal cultivation peak rank.

John’s grandfather had told him that he has special bloodline so he doesn’t need to worry about spirit form and all. Having bloodlines meant having a good spirit pulse. But spirit pulses generally had limited growth and so john was excited about his spirit form as he knew he already had a spirit pulse.

Today is the day of spirit awakening. The direct descendants of the clan will be having their awakening in separate chambers. While the descendants of the guards or the side branch family members will be having it in the main hall. The spirit awakening ceremony was kept secret as many other clan were spying for future potential threats many young genius were killed early.

Total 4 candidates were present today at the ceremony. John was also one of them. There was a girl with black hairs and black eyes other one was a blonde kid with golden eyes and lastly a blue hair kid with green

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