A Short Story: The Story Of The Snowman

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It was a winter night snow was falling onto the little town. A young boy was building a snow man. The town seemed so peacefull, but the boy wasn’t happy he had finished building the snowman.

It was the best snowman the boy had ever built. a bucket for a hat. a Broom for a left hand and a branch for it 's right arm. small black stones for buttons and a big carrot for a nose. it was a clear night the calm of christmas has fallen onto the ground. and in the stars so brightly you could see the stars themselves blinking down at the snowman and the boy. It 's said that in nights like these a winter time miracle could happen. And as it happened a winter sprit seeing the snowman and the rather sad boy. moved into the snowman and it started to move. The boy was shivering but seemed to just standing there admireing his work but as the snowman gently prodded the boy with his broom hand.

"hey kid everything allright?

It had a bucket for a helmet, a proof for left hand and a branch for the right. Small stones for buttons and a big carrot for a nose. It was the kind of night with the stars blinking that a miracle would happen. a winters time miracle as the snowman started to move, the boy shivering in the cold looked so lonely the snowman thought as he would study the boy then carefully nudging the boy with his broom arm “What is wrong kid? Everything okey?

The kid tried to wipe some snot from his nose with his sleave "No i want to be a good boy i have to be a good boy or my mother
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